Procedural art and code

Projects that involve computer-mediated generation of art, writing, or other artistic forms. Many projects for National Novel Generation Month, as well as Twitter bots or websites that allow users to generate their own computer-aided art.

A Pickler for the Nowing Ones (2021)

A translator and generator to produce text in the style of A Pickle for the Knowing Ones (1802) by noted eccentric Timothy Dexter (1747-1806). The final output is an entry in National Novel Generation Month 2021.

No Solitude in the Caves of Spring (2017)

An alliterative poem by a neural net:

Ants and all ages are all about—active as buds are bound by black, bubbles burn by maple blackbird body, but burst before birds before building branches back. […]

Trapped in the Q (2016)

Generates an infinitely long story in the mode of the scenes in James Bond where Q introduces a series of increasingly-implausible ordinary objects that actually kill people.


A grid of colored blocks, text reads Color analysis from wristwatch

Generates abstract color tiles after Emily Noyes Vanderpoel’s 1902 work on color theory. Featured in the New York Times (October, 2018). Create your own compositions with


Image of Thoreau with a caption reading “I feel blessed every time I open my phone”

Finds tweets with inspirational-sounding messages and mis-attributes them to famous people like Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln.


A screenshot from twitter showing a fake recipe

Picked a recipe, parsed its ingredients, and made random, usually revolting, substitutions, just like people who comment on internet recipes. (Now inactive.)