Essays & tutorials

Ethical collaborative storytelling (2022)

A row of forks in an old woodcut illustration

Conscious decoupling: lumping and splitting (2022)

Two women surrounded by circles

Natural language processing for programmers (2017)

Printout from an old computer, words say COMPUTER and SYNTAX CHECKER

Machine learning basics for everyone (2017)

A cartoon man looks at printouts from old machines

Safety imperatives in AI and generative art (2017)

The number 5 repeated over a red background

Early videogame art (2016)

Colorful cover art of a man in space

Great engineering culture (2015)

A child’s head visible behind a machine

The job that games do (2013)

A screenshot from a videogame showing the Boston skyline

What we can do with “books” (2012)

What makes for successful digital-first literature: it must be immersive, non-trivial, and participatory.

Screenshot of a page from the book

Interactivity in EPUB 3 (2013)

Covering embedding JavaScript and other forms of interactivity into EPUB 3 publications.

O’Reilly Book cover, text reads “EPUB 3 Best Practices” and a drawing of a goat