Essays & tutorials

Printout from an old computer, words say COMPUTER and SYNTAX CHECKER

Natural Language Processing for Programmers

A series on learning to manipulate text with computers, in five parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Generating text with context-free grammars
  3. Classifying naughty stories
  4. Developing world models

What we can do with “books”

What makes for successful digital-first literature: it must be immersive, non-trivial, and participatory.

Screenshot of a page from the book

Interactivity in EPUB 3

Covering embedding JavaScript and other forms of interactivity into EPUB 3 publications.

O’Reilly Book cover, text reads “EPUB 3 Best Practices” and a drawing of a goat

Rich design publications with EPUB 3

A tutorial for IBM Developerworks on using CSS3 media query, HTML5 navigation, and MathML in EPUB 3 publications.

A poem and an illustration, text reads “The Swans”

Digital monograph technical landscape

A report prepared for the UK academic funding organization JISC on digital publishing, ebooks, and scholarly communication.

Example of some math with equations