Liza Daly

I‘m CTO at Safari. Previously I founded the ebook technology company Threepress, where we created Ibis Reader, the first HTML5 ereader.

I present and write about digital publishing, interactive narrative, and web technology.

The best way to reach me is via Twitter: @liza.

Photograph of Liza Daly


Page from Seraphs

Seraphs: A procedurally generated mysterious codex

Part of National Novel Generation Month, Seraphs generates a 400+ page book based on the Voynich Manuscript. Featured on The Pacific Standard, Metafilter, and written about by author Robin Sloan. How it was created. Order a printed version.

  • Page from Seraphs
  • Page from Seraphs
  • Page from Seraphs
  • Page from Seraphs


Code to generate compositions that resemble surrealist photomontages in the style of early surrealists, using period images from the Internet Archive. Gallery of photos and in print.

  • Page from Surrealisme
  • Page from Surrealisme
  • Page from Surrealisme
  • Page from Surrealisme
Screenshot from First Draft of the Revolution

First Draft of the Revolution

“First Draft of the Revolution is a marvel—an exploration of the space between the mind and the page the likes of which I've never experienced.” Kotaku

An interactive epistolary story I commissioned from Emily Short. I designed and coded the initial prototype which was then completed by Inkle. Play in a browser now, or download an EPUB 3 for use in iBooks.

Winner, Best Use of Innovation, 2013 XYZZY Awards.


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