Liza Daly

I‘m the VP of Engineering at Safari. Previously I founded the ebook technology company Threepress, where we created Ibis Reader, the first HTML5 ereader.

I present and write about digital publishing, interactive narrative, and web technology.

The best way to reach me is via Twitter: @liza.

Photograph of Liza Daly


Page from Seraphs

Seraphs: A procedurally generated mysterious codex

Part of National Novel Generation Month, Seraphs generates a 400+ page book based on the Voynich Manuscript. Featured on Metafilter. How it was created.

  • Page from Seraphs
  • Page from Seraphs
  • Page from Seraphs
  • Page from Seraphs
Screenshot from First Draft of the Revolution

First Draft of the Revolution

“First Draft of the Revolution is a marvel—an exploration of the space between the mind and the page the likes of which I've never experienced.” Kotaku

An interactive epistolary story I commissioned from Emily Short. I designed and coded the initial prototype which was then completed by Inkle. Play in a browser now, or download an EPUB 3 for use in iBooks.

Winner, Best Use of Innovation, 2013 XYZZY Awards.


Most of my publishing presentations are available as slides, though some are available as HTML5 source, including Streaming Digital Books (audio).

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